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Behandlerkollektivet, Holger Danskes Vej 3b

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Frederiksberg, København & Online


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Udvidet Information

Primær Titel

Somatic Therapist & Coach

Sekundær Titel

Bodywisdom Therapy



Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Rab i Massage

Rab i Psykoterapi

Therapeutic Thai Massage (instructor)


Myofascial Release Therapy (bindevævsterapi)

Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

Terapeutiske tilbud

krops og SE-traumeterapi, stressreduktion og håndtering, kronisk og akut smertebehandling

Somatic Experiencing – to treat PTSD, chronic stress, anxiety, shock trauma, depression and chronic pain, I use a bio-psychotherapeutic (i.e. body-focussed) approach to treat & release trauma and stored stress where the problems began – in the body. We simply cannot talk our way out of trauma; we work gently to allow the body to release stored survival stress, integrating story and meaning as part of the holistic nature of this work. I often use touch as part of this process when appropriate and agreed to with you as the client.

Body Therapy – treating anxiety, chronic & acute pain, stress, burnout & symptoms of depression (see Work Experience/ Arbejdserfaring below)

Somatic Coaching – to develop resilience, purpose and confidence, using tools that regulate the Nervous System and create a Mindset for success & joy.

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I offer trauma therapy, Somatic Coaching and Body Psychotherapy to adults.

You can arrange a call & chat before booking, or simply book a time through my online calendar for your treatment here


Arbejder med flygtninge


English, Español (English mother tongue); taler dansk


I have over 2 decades’ experience in treating anxïety, chronic & acute pain and depression as conditions that show up with symptoms in the body – migraines, back pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, chest pain, pelvic pain etc., and mind – stress, overwhelm & burnout.

I also support women through significant life transitions – moving country, becoming a parent, dealing with grief & loss, menopause.

Before moving to Denmark in 2015, I worked in University Mental Health Services in the UK (Bristol) supporting those with Anxiety, Autism, ADHD & other conditions that effected people’s quality of life and capacity to engage in their work and studies.

I have worked in private practice as a Somatic Body Therapist and coach since 2007.

Previous work includes Teacher Trainer & Editor in Education (Spain)



I meet you where you are now and we work together in the way that feels best for you, whether that be online or in person. Establishing a sense of trust and safety in your body and in our sessions together is the first step in our journey together.