Social engagement og polyvagal theory

Katarina Green, 2011 – Psykologiprofessoren Stephen Porges’ forskning i nervesystemets funktion kan hjælpe os til at forstå traumatiserede klienters reaktioner bedre – og til at foretage mere hensigtsmæssige interventioner.

Panic, Biology, and Reason: Giving the Body Its Due

Peter Levine, 2009 – My interest in the essential role played by bodily responses in the genesis and treatment of traumatic stress and panic anxiety began quite accidentally in 1969. A psychiatrist, knowing of my interest in “mind/body healing”, had referred a young woman to see me. Nancy had been suffering from panic attacks for […]

Triune Autonomic Nervous System

John Chitty, 2008 – Experimental Applications based on Craniosacral Therapy.

Stress Hormone: Abnormal Cortisol Levels, ukendt årstal – Both persons under stress and those suffering from depression may have abnormally elevated cortisol levels.

Stephen Porges og Poly-Vagus Teorien

Bodil Claësson, 2003 – Stephen W. Porges ph.d. og professor, og leder af Center for Developmental Psychobiology ved University of Illinois: Hans forskning i Vagus-nervens fylogenetiske udvikling kaster nyt lys over menneskets stress- og chokreaktioner.

Heart Rate in Trauma: Patterns Found in Somatic Experiencing(R) and Trauma Resolution

Bob Whitehouse & Diane Heller, 2008 – The authors use physiological monitoring, especially heart rate variability, spectral analysis, and capnometry in measuring client psychophysiological states during Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution therapy.