Triune Autonomic Nervous System

John Chitty, 2008 – Experimental Applications based on Craniosacral Therapy.

Stress Hormone: Abnormal Cortisol Levels, ukendt årstal – Both persons under stress and those suffering from depression may have abnormally elevated cortisol levels.

Stephen Porges og Poly-Vagus Teorien

Bodil Claësson, 2003 – Stephen W. Porges ph.d. og professor, og leder af Center for Developmental Psychobiology ved University of Illinois: Hans forskning i Vagus-nervens fylogenetiske udvikling kaster nyt lys over menneskets stress- og chokreaktioner.

Heart Rate in Trauma: Patterns Found in Somatic Experiencing(R) and Trauma Resolution

Bob Whitehouse & Diane Heller, 2008 – The authors use physiological monitoring, especially heart rate variability, spectral analysis, and capnometry in measuring client psychophysiological states during Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution therapy.

Det haptiske system og traumer

David Beermann, 2016 – En af 3 artikler som tilsammen giver en god og lettilgængelig beskrivelse af hvad SE metoden går ud på.

Social engagement og polyvagal theory

Katarina Green, 2011 – Psykologiprofessoren Stephen Porges’ forskning i nervesystemets funktion kan hjælpe os til at forstå traumatiserede klienters reaktioner bedre – og til at foretage mere hensigtsmæssige interventioner.

Panic, Biology, and Reason: Giving the Body Its Due

Peter Levine, 2009 – My interest in the essential role played by bodily responses in the genesis and treatment of traumatic stress and panic anxiety began quite accidentally in 1969. A psychiatrist, knowing of my interest in “mind/body healing”, had referred a young woman to see me. Nancy had been suffering from panic attacks for…